Jane Nassar

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Jane Nassar studied beauty in Paris and trained with the most prestigious beauty houses in France for 10 years. She then moved back to her native home in Lebanon in 2001 and established a beauty center in Beirut.

She believes that people can stay younger and longer using beauty products and treatments other than surgery. She followed that advice in her beauty center and became very successful and expanded her centers in other cities in Lebanon using the best products and treatments from all over the world.

Jane had a program twice per week  on Lebanese TV promoting beauty and living healthy and safe . Her program was aired all over the Middle East.

She moved to Southern California  in 2017 to join her husband and kids as they approached college years . She started making YouTube videos promoting beauty products and providing beauty tips for staying young and healthy. You can visit her channel here, here skin clinic here, and visit her Beauty Advice Blog here.


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