European Facial - What It Is and How It Keeps Your Skin Looking Young Forever


What is a European Facial?

If you are reading this, you probably know what a facial treatment is. But, do you know what a European facial is? Is there a difference between a European facial and a regular facial? Well, let me first tell you about my experience and training in the beauty industry, then you decide if there is a difference between the two.

The Beauty Culture in Paris, France

I lived in Paris for ten years, I was in my twenties and remember that each French girl had her face cream, hand cream, and body cream, which made them all look very young. French women are proof that taking care of your skin when you are young (as a teenager) really works.

The French beauty culture is to apply cream daily —just like brushing your teeth— drinking a minimum of 6 cups water per day, eating fruits and vegetables, exercising, and taking vitamins. French ladies are committed to their health and beauty by applying daily face cream, doing a peeling and mask twice a week, and a doing facial at least once a month.

I remember my first facial at 20 years old at Lancôme. The beautician was shocked that it was my first time and I never used any hydration cream before. So, I decided to get my French beauty license and to be knowledgeable about how to be beautiful and have healthy skin for ever.

The Ritual for every French woman of any social/income level is one facial per month starting at 25 years old. If they are in their 30’s and they can afford to get a facial every week and pamper their skin, they should take my 12-session-offer paid in advance package. Once I asked a lady in her 30’s why she wanted a weekly facial. She told me that her mom used to get a facial every week when she was the same age, and she looks 10 years younger than her age, and considered her facial treatment session her most relaxing time of the week.

European Facial vs. Regular Facial?

The products that I use are professional-grade European products, specifically designed for a European facial done by a Parisian trained beautician like myself. It is difficult to know the product combination that is suitable for each different kind of skin unless you are trained to do so. Moreover, I use different machines based on your unique skin type . When I am done , you will love to see your face in the mirror, touch your gorgeous skin, and feel happy and beautiful. Check out my reviews on Google and Yelp! And just see how satisfied my customers are.

I spent 30 years touring the world and learning different kinds of facials that will suit every different skin and the techniques that will pamper you and let you have a unique and individualized experience.


Why is it Important to do a Facial?

I discovered that most California girls have dehydrated skin. To deeply nourish the skin, the only way is with machines and essential oils, and I am the expert in both!

Around the world, most women use Botox, fillers and face lifting to look younger. However, that is not enough because there needs to be a consistency and matching between the firmness of the skin and its young texture. This can only be achieved through weekly facials to look young forever around the eyes, face, neck, chest, and hands!

The French style of facials is unique in generously using different masks, oils, products and techniques that are designed to achieve the maximum effect on the skin. The only way to truly know the difference between a European facial and regular facial is to schedule a visit to Jane Nassar’s Skin Care Clinic. Call or email to schedule your European facial treatment today!