Jane Nassar Skin Care Clinic & Facial Spa

Jane Nassar skin care clinic & facial spa in Mission Viejo, CA. Serving all of South Orange County with the best facials from a beautician trained in France. The clinic offers Mini-Facial, Facial, and a VIP Facial.

For all inquiries Call (949) 295-4228 or Email info@janenassar.com.

Jane studied and trained in beauty in France for 10 years. She worked for the most famous French beauty houses and moved to Lebanon where she set up and managed 3 beauty centers for 20 years. Jane moved to California recently and decided to continue her beauty career on Lake Mission Viejo providing clients with the most effective anti-aging / anti-wrinkle facials. Jane wants you to pamper your skin -French Style- and experience the difference it makes to your face and skin.


  • Mini-Facial - Duration: 30 minutes Price: $50

    • This mini-facial is a quick service that will brighten your face and can be done during lunch time. It is highly affordable, effective, and relaxing. You are sure to be back for more. Book your appointment by calling here or email here.

  • Facial - Duration: 60 minutes Price: $100

    • A deeper clean for skin affected by acne, dryness, wrinkles, and sagging that will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated, especially after the 20 minute face massage using this technique and product. Book your appointment by calling here or email here.

  • VIP-Facial - Duration: 90 minutes Price: $140

    • The VIP treatment is two facials in one sitting, involving an even deeper clean with a hydradermie lift and a hydradermie eye lift that are incredibly restorative and longer-lasting. Book your appointment by calling here or email here.

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