The 5 Best Parks in Mission Viejo, CA

Did you know that Mission Viejo, CA, is part of the Tree City program? According to Tree City USA, Mission Viejo has been part of the program for 19 years, with many other California cities on the list. You can check out the list here. But what is the Tree City Program?

Tree City, USA

Tree City USA is a nationwide movement that started in 1976 to help cities manage and expand their public trees. It is well known that trees have tremendous benefits to humans and human cities. Even though modern humans primarily live in “concrete jungles,” the sight of trees is comforting to our psychology. They remind us of where we come from and our natural desire to be in nature.

Nature has a calming effect on the human psyche, especially when the loud noises of the city bombard us, and we are constantly hounded by the “loud visuals” of billboards and advertisements. This is precisely the reason why Central Park was created. Nature has such a powerful psychological benefit to humans that doctors are now prescribing “walks in nature” to battle depression and anxiety.

So, Tree City is an important program, and we are proud that Mission Viejo is a part of this national network. Mission Viejo is also home to beautiful public parks. So, when you are in the mood to escape the fast-paced city life, here are the 5 best parks in Mission Viejo, CA (in no particular order) that we think you should visit.

Aurora Park | Mission Viejo, CA

Just off of Alicia parkway, Aurora Park sits on 9 acres of beautiful land. It has a softball field, soccer field, half a basketball court, a big toy for kids, a nice walkway and picnic tables. Not a very large park, but it is usually quiet and has lots of parking. Dogs also frequent the park, but are usually clean and well-mannered. This is a nice area to walk or mediate in peace and quiet. Visit Aurora park here.

Florence Joyner Olympiad Park | Mission Viejo, CA

Also known as Flo-Jo Olympiad Park, it is a tribute to an exceptional athlete, and is near Lake Mission Viejo, just off of Alicia Parkway and Olympiad Road. This well-kept and beautiful park is perfect to take the kids. Most visitors spend over an hour and a half in the park and it is very clean. There are lots of play areas, a baseball diamond, a soccer field and many park benches, shade and walking paths. There is even a rose garden. Get directions to the park here.

Oso Creek Trail | Mission Viejo, CA

Just off of La Paz Road and Veterans Way, Oso Creek Trail is a scenic park that is far away from any cars. There are plenty of walkways, pathways, and gardens. It also has a maze, art from the community, and a butterfly garden. The kids will love the playground and they can even catch the fairy houses if they are around. Directions to this great park can be found here.

Pavion Park | Mission Viejo, CA

Pavion Park is off of Jeronimo Road and has recently been refurbished. A great park for kids of all ages. There is so much to do in the playground area, such as slides, swings, and rock climbing. The grassy area has a lot of space for running. A couple of drawbacks are not too much shade, so make sure to put on sun-screen, and only street parking is available. Other than that, this an excellent park to visit. Click here for directions.

Melinda Park | Mission Viejo, CA

Melinda Park is a nice park off of Santa Margarita Parkway. There is a large area that can be rented out for parties from the city of Mission Viejo. The grass area is also large with a nice playground for kids of all ages. This is a quiet park and has a softball field, football field and basketball court. Melinda Park has been reported to be well kept and clean; just another great park in Mission Viejo! Click here for directions.

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